Welcome to our vision of a more conscious future.

Whether you are new to ReLove or have followed our story from the beginning, our drive remains the same - to make the world a more sustainable place. Below, we discuss the areas of our business we are aiming to improve and our BIG aims for the future...

Why are you telling us all this?

I started out in business as a Management graduate. On one particular course, we got into discussing Corporate Social Responsibility (from hereon out, CSR). If you're not familiar with CSR, it is essentially a business function with the goal of helping a company be socially accountable to itself and the public. My problem with it? I felt that too often it was actually just the department where greenwashing was their central goal 🙃...the dishonest centre of businesses that didn't really care about their impact on people and the planet.

Now that wasn't the most popular opinion with my lecturer - who cited the genuine work that companies like Coca-Cola do around the world which, in fairness, weren't false. The examples he brought up included their work to protect waterways and develop packaging that utilised recycled materials. However - for me, that just begged the question: If that's what they're telling us they do - what aren't they doing? Cynical hat most certainly on - but as soon as you begin to research, you realise just how justified that perspective can often be (they're the worst plastic polluter in the world, check out by how much below). A whole lot of sidestepping and not a lot of real advancement toward a more circular future.

Chart showing the worlds worst plastic polluters, including Coca-Cola.

All of this contributed to the kind of business I wanted to manifest. A business that held honesty at its core - that didn't just make empty promises while clearly doing the opposite. So here is our commitment to you, the sustainable superhero taking the time to read this message (hey, I'm Michael by the way 👋). Below we outline the areas of our business we are conscious are not to the standard we expect of ourselves - and what we're doing to bring them there.

Where could we do better?

Packaging. We work with small businesses from across the world with a goal of providing not just the most unique reusable swaps for single-use, but also the most affordable as we are able. This led to us initially forgiving some aspects of plastic packaging from our suppliers; because what they could provide contributed hugely to our other goals. That was, until we realised just how hypocritical that was when compared to the perspective I echoed in that conversation with my lecturer above...While it wasn't within our control to determine the packaging our suppliers used (trust me, we tried), it is within our control to determine which suppliers we use 💡 That's why, as of June 2021, we have began replacing our core batch of products with new alternatives. Ones which are based in the UK to make speedy delivery a reality, AND allow us more control over the materials they package ReLove orders with. Now, when we contact a new potential supplier about the opportunity of offering their product on our eco swap store, "How do you package your product?" is one of our opening questions - an absolute necessity to us moving forward with a partnership. Now, every new product on our store will be guaranteed plastic-free packaging, instead being either compostable, recyclable or reused. Beginning with our brand-new, Vegan Wax Wraps, available now 🌿.

What's coming next?

In our 2020 Wrapped article, we detailed our plans for the year ahead, particularly - more transparency, more UK households and more variety. As of June 2021, all of these are a work in progress that we will have achieved not by the end of the year, but within the next few weeks. Here's how we're doing it...

First off and most important - our immediate goal is to replace all of our current suppliers with UK based alternatives that are more unique than their predecessors and, as outlined previously, packaged completely plastic-free. As simple as it sounds - this transition won't be completely immediate as we aim to find suppliers who offer exciting and unique eco products, package complete plastic-free and share our outlook on more sustainable living 💚 Our requirements for these products will be: high quality design, an intriguing story behind the product, plastic-free packaging and speedy delivery!

And we're not just looking to replace our current products...Just on the horizon, we have FOUR brand new products coming, whose product pages we are currently working on bringing together, alongside those replacing our existing product line! 🥳

Moving forward, we will only be offering products from a UK base - supporting fellow small businesses in extending their platform as we develop ours, too. This means, in the near future, we will be able to offer absolutely free delivery across Britain in speedy fashion! For our eco-warriors in the States, Canada and elsewhere - please check the delivery section of each product page for info on how you can get our products where you are. With our Vegan Wax Wraps for example, delivery is £5 which covers up to FIVE sets of our wraps 😊 If you're unsure, please drop us a message, we'd be happy to help!

Stay tuned for more and, feel free to get in touch - we're an open book!