Our Story

Welcome to our vision of a more sustainable future.

Whether you’re new to ReLove or followed our story from the beginning - our drive remains the same. We want to show people its sustainable, and cool, to reuse. From humble beginnings, our focus has shifted to make a bigger impact. We want to reach sustainably-minded people like you from the UK to Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia and the USA.

What does ReLove mean?

Shows text definition of ReLove. Reads "re . love [ri - luv] verb. to love again; reuse. we are literally adding words to the dictionary to reflect our dedication to change.

We love the word ReLove. So much so that we have submitted it as a word to the Oxford dictionary - we hope it will be available soon. It epitomises everything we believe.

Our Mission

To change the outlook on disposable and single-use materials; offering reusable alternatives and insight as to why it's important to choose to reuse. Let's eliminate single-use thinking!

If this is Vol #2, what was Vol #1?

Initially coming together as an upcycling start-up out of university, ReLove has developed to embody not just upcycling, but all measures of sustainability. From our initial goal, we have expanded to offer reusable products you can relove time and time again. But let us backtrack a little....

Beginning life as an upcycling start-up based out of Glasgow, Scotland our team had an absolute blast, taking old, unwanted and waste materials; giving them a new purpose as wonderfully unique home décor! Our range included tyre planters, pallet shelving, skate racks and, most popularly, guitar shelving - which you can see below…

Image shows four guitar shelves made from waste, damaged guitars into repurposed products.

We would lovto re-introduce this range and more upcycled options down the line, using this platform to offer them to sustainable superheroes all over the world!! Until then, enjoy our range of reusable alternatives to single-use, plastic and disposable items around your home!

Why the shift in focus?

With Vol #1 we built a passionate local community. We are looking to take our goals in sustainability worldwide. With some carefully curated research into problems deriving from the throw-away culture - inclusive of single-use plastics and disposables - we came up with a solution. If we can’t currently scale our upcycled options to reach a larger community and make more of a difference, what can we do right here and now? 

What do we aim to achieve?

We have lofty ambitions which we believe can be achieved over time with hard work and determination. We ultimately aim to become the ‘IKEA’ of upcycling and reusables – providing plastic-free, non-disposable and repurposed alternatives for environmentally-conscious consumers and those seeking something unique.

Why do we care?

As co-founder of ReLove, I have, as long as I can remember, had a focus on sustainability. Through university, living with my parents, I even had a fully annotated what-can-go-in and what can’t recycling bin in my bedroom. Coming from an area where the terms ‘recycling’ and ‘sustainability’ lead to eye rolls, and bins are used for whatever can be thrown in them, the need for change has grown in my mind for a LONG while. Upcycling was a fantastic, creative way to do this, but I want to reach further.

“How can I take it further?”

When researching ideas for a new business venture, it finally dawned on me - why not tie in with my outlook on life with our responsibility to the planet we call home? One step at a time, with a goal of reaching both sustainable-minded individuals and those who do not yet understand the need for recycling, reusing and ultimately re-loving everything you possibly can! And so we arrive at the now. The launch of ReLove Vol #2 - a sustainable start-up with big goals in reducing plastics and improving the outlook and uptake on reusables. Here’s to a sustainable future!

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