You Ask, We Answer - Coconuts Are Cool

Vietnamize canals near where our coconuts are harvested.

Before the Q&A, read Don't Be a Fool, Coconuts Are Cool

"I thought ceramic bowls were ok, aren’t they?"

Ceramic isn't the worst out there - it's generally long-lasting and free of harmful chemicals. What it isn't however is natural. Coconut boasts the sturdiness of ceramic, the beauty of a coconut, and the compost-ability (is that a word?) of being all organic.

"Is this a new thing?"

For ReLove, yes. As part of our pledge to deliver a wider range of products with UK based suppliers we discovered this awesome line we just had to introduce to you. In the developing world, utilising coconuts is far from a new idea. Countries like Vietnam, where our coconuts are farmed, have long used coconuts as kitchenware due to their sturdiness and durability.

"How long do they last?"

If you’re good to your coconuts they’ll be good to you and last a lifetime. Check out our tips on polishing your bowls to get the best from them if they begin to look tired.

"What can I use coconut bowls for?"

We recommend utilising coconut bowls for mainly cold or lukewarm dishes like salads and cereals. Using them with hot dishes won’t always lead to disaster but it’s better to be cautious to extend their durability.

"Do you plan to offer other coconut products?"

Of course! If there's a demand then we will investigate other additions. We've already been asked about the potential of offering coconut plates. Let us get back to you on that 😊

"I love your products, can you give us a teaser on what's next?"

Right now, we're putting our energy into spreading the word about the coconut collection so that's where our focus lies. With that said, we never take time off looking for eco ideas and alternatives. Without revealing too much too early, here's a tease of what we could have planned 👀...

We are considering new eco-alternatives for our beauty collection, while we are in discussion with suppliers over some new silicone products too! With our partners JungleStraws, we are also considering offering new bamboo straws to our UK audience with speedy shipping (3-4 days as opposed to 2-3 weeks). Nothing's set in stone but be sure to let us know on Instagram, Messenger or the comments below if you have an opinion you think we should hear 💚


Thanks to everyone who submitted their questions. If you missed the Q&A on our Instagram story and have a question you want to ask, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via Messenger!

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