7 Simple Tips For An Eco-Friendly Home

A beautifully bright, modern kitchen. With spotless appliances, white worktops, grey cupboards, green plants and an apple bowl.

To bring in the new year, and following our outline of 11 Easy Ways To Go Greener Today, this week we focus on the wider changes you can make for an eco-friendly home to make 2021 your best year yet! Super simple and easy to implement, these tips will save you money and reduce your consumption. Let’s have it...

 Choose a renewable energy supplier

Probably the most powerful tip on our list. Opting for a renewable energy supplier at home has never been easier - this writer can personally vouch for Octopus who provide 100% green energy from sun, wind and water sources, across the UK. They’re even partnering up with Tesla to offer renewable home electricity and EV charging 🔋 They do not try to be the cheapest on the market - but they will undercut the traditional ‘Big 6’ energy companies and with the style and pizzazz of a company you want to get behind. If you really want to make a difference (to our planet and your bills), look into getting solar panels installed too. They’re more cost-efficient than ever, and look great - a green statement for all to see. While we're on the topic of energy...

Take control of your energy usage

Now that you’ve switched to a renewable energy supplier, it's time to get the best bang for your buck. Our first recommendation? 💡 Turn. It. Off. Lights, televisions, chargers, the lot. Some have, through the grapevine, come to hear that turning your lights and appliances off uses more power because the energy they use to start up again is higher. This is a myth. In fact, in the average home, 75% of the electricity used to power electronics is consumed while they are ‘off’, (read more about this problem, here). Of course, if you are only leaving room for a minute or two you might want to leave your switches on, but any longer than that and you would be best just powering off. Now, we understand that it can feel like a task to do this every night and every morning, but do it for a few weeks at least and you will pick up some useful habits (making more use of natural light) and realisations (saving your ££) - even if you don’t decide to continue you with everything (those Xbox loads times 🥱).

Another quick and easy way to take control is by upgrading to a smart meter or thermostat. You will be able to see a live gauge of your energy usage and monitor it on the go, as well as set up modes to reduce energy consumption when you’re not home.

③ Improve your washing routine

Easy to do and impactful too. You’ll notice savings in your wallet, clothes and energy consumption.

Lower the heat. Did you know that up to 90% of the energy used by a washing machine goes toward heating water? 30° is absolutely fine for most items - from bedsheets to t-shirts 👕 You’ll reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and by avoiding hot water (other than for those tough stains), your clothes will last longer too - vibrant and undeteriated by the heat.

Use a plastic-free powder, capsule or liquid. Switch to a brand like smol and eliminate plastic, harmful chemicals and cruelty. They’re completely eco, and will even deliver through your letterbox on a subscription basis. Grab a free trial.

Reduce your tumble drying. Using the dryer not only uses loaaaads of energy, it quite often is the culprit for those shrunken clothes you only wore once! Grab yourself a tiered clothes airer (or two) for indoor use, and during the summer if you have the space pop your clothes on a line outside. You can even get retractable ones these days to keep it tidy between use.


Find your bins are always letting off a bad smell? 🦨 That’s the methane gas escaping. Disgusting right? Instead of torturing yourself with smelly bin bags - start composting! Get yourself a compost bin (you can even make one for around £12) and you’ll get a free natural fertiliser to keep your garden green and fresh, anddd reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill with one easy change! Oh, and as it won’t break down anaerobically, there will not be a build-up of methane gas, so no more yucky odours! Foods including fruits, vegetables, dairy products, grains, bread, unbleached paper napkins, coffee filters, eggshells, meats and newspaper can all be composted. Just ask yourself: ‘Can it be eaten or grown in a field or garden?’ If your answer is YES then then it’s likely it can be composted. You’ll even find some packaging and products that are garden compostable too - we have a few 🏡

Stay tuned for our full guide on composting for the first time, coming soon.

Grow your own produce & herbs

Now that you’ve started composting - it's time to put your free fertiliser to use! Have a garden? Isolate a small area and plant herbs 🌿 to save you buying them from stores. No garden? No problem - you can even plant them in pots, indoors or outdoors. Just make sure they’re close to a window. If you want to also grow veg 🥕 windowsill boxes can be the perfect solution that won’t use up a lot of space, and if you do have that little extra space, why not plant a fruit tree? Fresh apples, pears or plums right outside your door. It’s a super fun way to save your wallet and cut your carbon footprint! 🍎

Change your diet

One of the most powerful changes you can make around your home in terms of energy required, land used, greenhouse gas emissions, water used and pollutants. You may have never considered going plant-based, but if ever there was a time to consider it, it is now 🥗 Seemingly overnight, a host of options have become available to meet demand of eco-shoppers and animal enthusiasts. Check for the ‘vegan’ or ‘vegetarian’ section in your local stores and restaurant menus. Changing your diet can even make you more creative in the kitchen - there are loads of great ideas on YouTube of how to spice up your plant-based diet and avoid it becoming bland (making it much easier to stick to).

Love meat too much to cut it out entirely? Why not become a flexitarian? A very 2020 term in our opinion but sound in practice - choose one day a week (often Green Monday) and eat only green on that day. The rest of the week is yours to enjoy (just try not to go overboard).

Recycle, Reuse, ReLove

What eco-friendly list would be complete without mentioning the founding fathers of sustainability (well, our version of the classic mantra)? Now it’s time for you to rid your home of plastics and ditch the disposables. They have somehow wormed their way into all aspects of our lives - but no longer. Here's how you can eliminate them overnight...💚

Replace disposable razors with a durable stainless steel or compostable bamboo alternative.

Replace your plastic straw with a reusable one - check out our two options.

Replace your disposable cotton pads and face wipes with reusable cloths.

Replace plastic handles - choose biodegradable options like bamboo when possible.

Replace plastic wrap with biodegradable or reusable options like beeswax or silicone.

Replace tin (aluminium) foil with a reusable silicone mat.

Replace disposable coffee cups and water bottles with reusable ones. Find out why.

Replace your disposable face mask with a reusable alternative. Discover why.

A few bonus tips...

🅱1️⃣ Get an indoor plant to cleanse your air of carbon dioxide.

🅱2️⃣ Collect rainwater with a cup to feed your new indoor plants.

🅱3️⃣ Repurpose glass jars - excellent storage in any sustainable kitchen.

🅱4️⃣ Don’t use the oven for toast. Toasters use much less energy.

🅱4️⃣ Opt for a reusable face mask. All these disposables will come back to bite.

Check out our super sustainable range and bring in 2021 right!

ReLove was founded out of the frustration of totally needless waste (recyclable and otherwise). Prior to spreading the message wider with eco-products and thoughts, we went on a journey of self-discovery. Call it our sustainable enlightenment. After realising what we as a species can do to combat our impact on our fragile world, we began ridding our home of as many as plastic and single-use disposables as we could. Our store was born out of a desire to extend this to the rest of the human race.

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