5 Ways For An Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day

Two lovehearts drawn in the sand side by side at a beach.

Valentine's Day - a day for relationships, self-love and waste? Sorry to be the bearers of bad news everyone but our annual celebration of love ain’t all that eco. Well, that is, it wasn’t, before you read this short thought piece. So before you dismiss us as haters of love (I mean it’s literally in our name but just in case you were angry 🤷‍♀️), let us prove to you otherwise. This isn’t a list of reasons we hate Valentine’s Day, that would be pretty sad - it’s a list of of ways you can make this Valentine’s Day even more special this year - considering both our planet and putting a thoughtful smile on your partners face 💑

Choose a plantable card, or make your own

Over one billion cards are sent for Valentine's Day each year. One BILLION. That’s 9 zeros. In relative terms, a handful of these cards could be completely recyclable - unfortunately, they aren't the ones we usually pick up. Those pretty cards covered in glitter and who knows what else, can't be recycled. So what can you do to cut your personal input to this staggering statistic? The classic option and [brownie points] most thoughtful is to make your own. Use some waste paper, cardboard from cereal packaging or otherwise and get creative with what they love. Not feeling overly creative? How about a plantable card? Yes, you read that correctly. A completely zero-waste, compostable card that will actually grow when planted in a pot of soil. Made with biodegradable paper and packed full of flower seeds, you can simply tear up and wait for the flowers to grow. Check them out on Etsy.

Ditch the bouquet

My biggest personal frustration this time of year is cut flowers 💐 They look beautiful - then two days later they’re dead. Don’t let that be an unintentional metaphor for your supposed ‘undying’ love. A few years ago (after a particularly expensive purchase from Interflora) I was doing a little last minute shopping, strolled past the flowers and right into the houseplants! Immediately I knew I could’ve spent my money better. So my question to you is why don’t more couples give plants? Just like your relationship, they flower into something beautiful (feel free to use that one). Plus it gives your partner a continuous reminder of your love - not a lack of it in 2 days…Oh, and if your partner is also interested in the eco-friendliness of your gift - house plants absorb carbon dioxide from your home, converting it to fresh oxygen. Awesome huh?

Give the gift of eco

When choosing a gift for your Valentine’s crush - consider its impact, to our planet, and your Valentine. If and when you can, choose a gift that doesn’t contribute to fast fashion, isn’t made with plastic or made to be disposable. At ReLove, we offer a range of super-sustainable gifts your partner will adore; perfect for any eco-warrior. From reusable facial cloths to interchangeable toothbrushes and compostable bamboo straws, all of our products have sustainability in mind - whether plastic-free, reusable or compostable! Our personal highlight this Valentine’s Day is our Bamboo Makeup Brushes - available in a 15 or 25 brush set and guaranteed to put a thoughtful smile on their face 😇

**Oh, and if you’re reading this too close to the big day - get in touch and we can make you a pretty printable voucher for you to hand your Valentine till their gift arrives**

Switch up your wrap

Here’s a shocker for you. In the UK we use a wild 227 THOUSAND MILES of wrapping paper every year. To give you a little context on how much this actually is - if you were to travel the circumference of the earth 🌍 - you’d only cover 24,901 miles. To go further into the rabbit hole, with these numbers, you could wrap the circumference of the earth 9 times...yeah. And that’s not even to mention the non-recyclable additives like glitter, sticky tape and ribbons. Needless to say, there must be a better option.

The simplest like-for-like switch you can make that will ensure you’re wrapping recyclable this Valentine’s Day is to look for a roll of kraft or brown paper wrap. Add a little paper based decoration (that can also be recycled) and tie with some gorgeous twine (which is so much prettier than those plastic ribbons and can be reused next year) and voilà! You can then enjoy doing some design yourself. First roll out your entire roll of brown paper and break out your pencils, pens and stamps and get creative. Don’t fancy something so extravagant? Hey, you could even use our Compostable Beeswax Wraps - giving you the bonus of reuse for your sandwiches afterward 😜

Get creative together

We are unique times (i.e. we ain’t allowed out). Fortunately, there’s always a silver lining. We don’t have to contend with the problem of deciding which restaurant to book, or where we can drive to for the day - think of the CO2 it will save the atmosphere! But being stuck at home shouldn’t spell the end for your Valentine’s plans - you just have to get creative. So here’s some inspiration: instead of thinking about how much it sucks that you can’t do what you wanted or usually do for Valentine’s Day, embrace the alternative.

Instead of driving somewhere for a picnic, dinner or a movie - transform your living room into a picnic place. Make up some sandwiches, wrap them in your beeswax wraps, pick your favourite wine, and fill up your basket as usual. Throw down a blanket, play some forest sounds and just talk to each other! Make dinner together, hop under the covers and watch a film together; take a walk to a clear spot and go stargazing together. Life is what you make it!

Not able to meet in person? Nightmare, but herein is the reality of the current measures. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a Valentine’s date - stop cringing at your colleagues ‘Zoom-dates’ and plan a virtual dinner and quiz night. Even dress up and contend with each other of who can make the best vegan-friendly dinner!

Told you we didn’t hate Valentine’s Day. 

Explore our range of eco-alternatives your Valentine will love ❤️

We know times are hard right now but good times are a comin’. Celebrating days like Valentine’s, whether you’re in a relationship, have your eye on someone special or are all about that self-love, will keep us strong until the day we are all together again. Learning to appreciate the little things in life, and in the face of adversity persisting to celebrate love, even though you can’t celebrate as you usually would, will help you find happiness again. And if you can make it more eco along the way - it will make a real difference. Peace and love 💚

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