'Tis The Season To Be Sustainable

A cosy Christmas living room.  Candlelit room with fireplace, LED lit tree and wreath. Lovely green and red, classic Christmas colours.

We love Christmas. So when we saw the headline “Christmas - The Most Unsustainable Time of the Year?” it hit us right in our festive feels. Is it really true? Or perhaps the more accurate question is, does it need to be true?

This week, we’re thinking about how we can maintain Christmas as the most wonderful time of the year (we’re not singing, you are). We had to do something about this sacrilege against Santa 🎅. How can we reinvent Christmas with sustainability in mind and disprove the treasonous statement that it is the most unsustainable time of year. Let’s find out...🎄🤶

Switch up your wrapping paper

Here’s a shocker for you. In the UK we use a wild 227 THOUSAND MILES of wrapping paper every year. To give you a little context on how much this actually is - if you were to travel the circumference of the earth 🌍 - you’d only cover 24,901 miles. To go further into the rabbit hole, with these numbers, you could wrap the circumference of the earth 9 times...yeah. And that’s not even to mention the non-recyclable additives like glitter, sticky tape and ribbons. Needless to say, there must be a better option. 

The simplest like-for-like switch you can make that will ensure you’re wrapping recyclable this Christmas is to look for a roll of brown paper and some gorgeous twine to replace plastic ribbons. You can then enjoy doing the design yourself. We suggest first rolling out your entire roll of brown paper and breaking out your pencils, pens and stamps and getting creative. Don’t fancy something so extravagant? Opt for fabric based wrap. Hey, you could even use our Compostable Beeswax Wraps - giving you the bonus of reuse for your sandwiches afterward 😜.

Sustainable brown Christmas wrapped presents.

Send an ecard or, even better, a plantable card

Would you believe this fact: approximately 1.5 BILLION Christmas cards are thrown away by UK households each year. To cut your personal input to this staggering number, why not get creative with an ecard? You can eliminate paper waste, and best of all glitter (which while sparkly and fun to play with, is sadly totally unsustainable). What we love most however - are plantable cards. Yes, you read that correctly. A completely zero-waste, compostable card that will actually grow when planted in a pot of soil. Made with biodegradable paper and packed full of flower seeds, you can simply tear up and wait for the flowers to grow. Check them out on Etsy.

Three plantable Christmas cards with a cow in a Santa hat. Read "Merry Christmas"

Cut your waste, food and otherwise

Plan, plan, plan. Although the current climate makes that admittedly a little harder than usual, there’s no harm in preparing two plans in advance of time to make sure you’re not left with an abundance of leftovers. As much as everyone loves a turkey sandwich, 7 consecutive days of them after Christmas is a little much 😆… Oh and if you really want to up your sustainable-game, in addition to the waste of cards and wrapping paper you’ll have already avoided, opt for a better Christmas cracker! Most you’d generally buy cannot be recycled, so look instead for recyclable and plastic-free crackers. You can even buy reusable crackers, or make your own. An idea we find particularly intriguing...

Enjoy a little Christmas baking

Christmas dinner may be a little smaller this year so what better time to experiment for the next time everyone’s together again? A little baking will get you right in the festive spirit, as well as helping you cut down on all the extras. Now we are not suggesting that you ditch the store bought turkey (though please keep away from ‘oven-proof’ plastic wrapped ones). Simply have some family fun making tasty treats together. Discover some awesome recipes for the best gingerbread men and Christmas cookies. You could even hang them on your tree (if you can resist eating them all 😋).

Gingerbread men cut out with a mould.

Give the gift of handmade (and even make your own decorations)

If you know our history, you’ll know we love upcycling, and by extension, handmade gifts. They have a story behind them. A past, and now a future, courtesy of you. Get creative with old jars to make a snow globe, make your own candles, clay coasters or even a guitar shelf (like us). Whatever you make, just avoid glitter unless it’s plant-based. You could even use your newly acquired gingerbread making skills to give the gift of food to your extended family this Christmas ❄️. 

Want to make your own decorations? Choose to get creative with wool, wood, recycled glass and any other biodegradable, recyclable or plant-based materials. Keep an eye out for next week's article, we are working on a list of ideas you can make for Christmas week 🎅

Choose a gift that lasts - buy eco, reusable and plastic-free

Last but not least, as they say. When you’re buying gifts (the remaining bunch at least), consider their impact. Of course, we don’t want you to feel like you have to uproot all your Christmas shopping, but if and when you can - choose a gift that doesn’t contribute to fast fashion, isn’t made with plastic or made to be disposable. At ReLove, we offer a range of super-sustainable stocking fillers and gifts perfect for any eco-warrior. Know a couple getting their first home? Struggling on what to get that hard-to-buy for Aunt or Uncle? Landed a Secret Santa you have no clue what to buy? We’ve got you covered!

Shop reusable, sustainable, compostable, plastic-free presents, from bamboo makeup brushes and reusable facial cloths to interchangeable toothbrushes and silicone stretch lids. Shop small, and eco this Christmas with the help of ReLove 💚

Don’t delay - shop quick for Christmas delivery!

It’s great fun researching these topics for you guys and gals. It allows us at ReLove to engage in interesting conversation, and discover new products that we can offer to help you stem your non-sustainable output. As ever we hope you enjoy reading, we'll be back next Monday. Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄

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