Let's Talk...Plastic Packaging

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One of our goals for this year when we conducted our 2020 Wrapped article at the end of last year was to make a point of becoming transparent in as much of what we do as we can. As a Business & Management graduate, it had long frustrated me that businesses shroud themselves in secrecy. We have nothing to hide - and although we don't want to highlight our downfalls, we do want to address them.

And where to start but with our most frustrating downfall?

From today, you'll note on each product page a little info on how your product will be packaged. Some of these are fabulous to read as they highlight the wonderful, recyclable, plastic-free, even compostable packaging our partners use. We want to celebrate this - while also making known that we aren't perfect, not yet anyway...

Some of our partners still use plastic in their packaging (so 2010 right?) More frustratingly, some of the suppliers we have long worked with have recently began re-introducing plastic packaging as it is becoming cheaper for them as the rest of the world is becoming more eco-conscious.

From our perspective - this is completely unacceptable. Since discovering this, we initially entered discussions with our suppliers to try and come to an arrangement whereby our products would be packaged plastic-free - to which they would not commit. Subsequently, and after long hours deliberating, we have made the decision to transition to a UK base of supply. This will allow us more control over the packaging our suppliers use, aiding our goal of ensuring that every new product will be packaged plastic-free. What's more - our goal of making it cool to be eco will also be fast-tracked as we will be investing in more unique eco swaps (see our latest - Bee-Free Vegan Wax Wraps for this 🐝). Anddd if that's not enough - it will also allow for speedier delivery across the UK so you're getting your hands on the coolest eco swaps quickly, and plastic-free!

This does of course mean, as we transition toward a UK base, we will be ceasing worldwide shipping unless otherwise stated on each unique product page. For products like our vegan wax wraps, we understand the particular frustration and have provided a paid option whereby you can order up to 5 sets of wraps for an additional £5 (approx $7).

Thank you everyone for your support - we hope to take this business stratospheric one day soon so that we can help the WORLD on their eco journey 🚀

Stay tuned and read more about our transparency targets here 💚