2020's ReLove Wrapped

2020 Wrapped - Our Top Products, News and Plans for 2021

Saying 2020 was a weird year would be the understatement of the century...notice we didn't say "bad" though. That's right - there are loads we're excited about from this past year. While we, like many of you, are in many respects thankful for it now being in the past, 2020 will stand as a year of self reflection and contemplation of our best and worst tendencies as a species.

Here's our review of 2020, kind of like your Spotify Wrapped playlist with less music, along with a sneak preview of what we have planned for 2021. 

Our Most Popular Products of 2020

Last week, we launched our countdown of our most popular products from 2020. If you're a superfan you'll have seen this on our Instagram feed already - but not in this kind of detail. Without further ado, our top five products from the weirdest year of all of our lives. Discover why they're so popular, and why you should consider them if you haven't already...

5. Brilliant Bamboo Toothbrushes

A set of bamboo toothbrushes

Starting off our countdown is one of the latest additions to our product line - a sustainable, natural replacement for the plastic predecessor in your bathroom. Available in 4 and 6 packs (which actually pack 8, and 12 brush heads in total, which we'll promptly explain), our bamboo handled brushes come in a variety of colours and have interchangeable heads to double the the longevity of every brush so you can reduce waste even further! Fun fact: did you know there's a petition currently running to ban plastic brushes in the UK? Get ahead of the curve, with our bamboo alternatives!

4. Sustainable Silicone Stretch Lids

A set of yellow silicone stretch lids

One of the simplest (and best) changes you can make in your kitchen is to, at long last, eliminate that plastic wrap that clings to itself more than what you planned on wrapping with it. Our stretch lid alternatives help with that but also act as a replacement lid on any tub you've lost the lid for. Boasting an airtight seal (just make sure you apply it correctly) to prevent oxidisation and leaks, its an overnight upgrade to your entire kitchen - seamlessly and simultaneously eliminate plastic, reduce leftovers waste and keep your fridge clean with no spills! Now available in packs of 6, 12 and 24 at your request 🤘

3. Beautifully Bamboo Makeup Brushes

A set of bamboo makeup brushes

Our personal favourite of our recently added Bamboo collection - these brushes feel phenomenal to touch, and are even better to stare at. You might be thinking here, well how are these sustainable? Allow us to enlighten you - they're totally plastic and cruelty free - that's two pretty good traits to be free of if you ask us. Available in a smaller 15 brush set and as a complete 25 brush set, our 'ReLover's' (does that work?) set a trend in 2020 that's growing still. Hop on the sustainable beauty bandwagon.

2. Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Straws

A blackout stainless steel straw in a glass of water in the summer.

The most popular product from our original line at launch, stainless steel straws are the perfect all round reusable replacement for those god-awful paper straws you seem to get everywhere you go nowadays. Oh, and they're completely plastic-free. If you're wondering - yes they do come with a silicone tip to encourage you to sip hot drinks too, we know you need it this winter. And if you're also wondering, no - silicone is not plastic, it is anything but. Read our article to discover why. They're also good for your teeth - because they help your fizzy drinks and stain inducing beverages completely bypass them. Boo-yah.

1. Reusable Facial Cloths

A set of multipurpose facial cloths for removing makeup.

Last but not least - actually the opposite of least because they're the best - our number one product of 2020 is the reusable facial cloth, your sustainable solution to all life's problems. Cleanse your skin (and by association, your Soul) from the days regrets and mishaps with a super smooth, microfibre cloth that will make you wish you ditched the disposables years ago. Available in a variety of multipacks including pink, white, brown and black cloths, choose to wipe away the day the ReLove way when you choose to reuse! For any of you wondering or protesting otherwise, your cotton pads are unsustainable. Despite being organic - cotton is disposable, and like we say, nothing disposable, can ever be sustainable. Check out our full explanation here.

A Special Sustainable Scoop - 2020's Best News

Electric vehicles near take-off

An Amazon electric delivery van.

Honda revealed their plans to withdraw from F1 to focus on electrification, Amazon & DHL announced the order of more electric delivery vehicles (EVs), leading the way for other . Meanwhile battery packs fell to their lowest and most competitive price yet and the first hydro-electric aircraft secured funding from some of the biggest names in business including Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. They aim to have their first flight by 2022.

Scientific advances aplenty

Fish eat a compostable, edible packaging ring.

Saltwater brewery developed compostable, edible yokes for their beers to help aid ocean pollution with "a 6 pack ring that feeds ocean life instead of killing them". Meanwhile, to counteract and manage our contribution to the tonnes of hazardous medical waste (this year more than any other with all the disposable PPE), a novel and revolutionary process 'photoreforming' was developed, which uses sunlight to convert it into hydrogen fuel!

Boris has been busy here in the UK

Boris led some big environmental movements in UK government in 2020.

And not just with the COVID-19 response. Boris Johnson's government this past year made huge moves toward sustainability, pledging to cut greenhouse emissions by 67% and banning the sale of traditional petroleum cars by 2030, while plug-in hybrids will be outlawed by 2035. Plastic straws, stirrers and other disposable plastics were also banned from sale and distribution in 2020, while positive strides in the move toward renewable energy across the UK were made with further funding for solar and wind energy advancements and supply.

Big changes from some big players

Asda's first sustainability store opened in Leeds - boasting packaging free products.

Pepsi switched to fully recyclable bottles, while supermarkets Aldi and Iceland removed plastics and single-use materials from the packaging of many of their own-brand products, including fruit, veg and cereals. Asda also opened their first 'sustainability store' which will allow customers to refill tubs brought from home of pastas, cereals, coffees and more. Fashion and homeware brands including IKEA, ASOS and H&M also made moves to make their brands more circular by offering incentives and releasing new lines from recycled materials.

ReLove is BACK

ReLove logo with black background, white text and gold highlight.

After a hiatus of a year, 2020s lockdown saw us return in a way we hope will allow us to reach more people with our sustainability message, with a goal to rid your household of single-use materials FOREVER! Check out Our Story to see what preceded our fresh incarnation. We're just getting started and we are stoked for what's coming next. 2021 can be the year you make eco choices and think with our environment in mind - have you discovered your sustainable awakening yet?

What's coming in 2021?

Now for the bit you've all really been reading for. Describing them as 'resolutions' feels a bit outdated, lets call it our master plan for spreading sustainability. Our plan for 2021 starts now, check it out.

More UK households

We will be doubling down our UK push with a focus on bringing in more British sourced sustainable products so we can reach more of our superheroes in the UK - with speedier delivery so you can get sustainable quicker, with more efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint. We hope to bring you news on this soon.

More transparency

We don't want you to ever feel as if we are the kind of brand that keeps secrets. Not unless its an awesome up-and-coming plan to blow you away 👀 It is a core belief of our founder that transparency in business should be a given. This year, we pledge to bring this belief closer to the forefront than ever before, with a section highlighting everything we are still working to improve, and how we are planning (or currently implementing) to rectify them. We're not perfect, but we aim to be as close to it as we can, and honesty is a big part of that. Stay tuned.

More variety

As you can tell from our most popular products countdown, Beauty is a super sustainable focus for all you superheroes out there. Given that we only currently stock two products (great ones, but still only two), we are in the midst of research of more aspects of your beauty routine we can make more eco-friendly. Got a suggestion? Fire it our way on Messenger - we read every message and consider every idea!

More coming soon...

Like any good plan, it will adapt, improve and grow more structured throughout the year. One thing it will not however, is become shrouded in complacency. The goals we have set out in our master plan are coming...it's just a matter of when.

If you have any suggestions for products, suppliers or anything else you think would help, feel free to leave a comment below or, even better so we can chat, pop them across on Messenger - we'd love to hear from you 😎 Until next time, ReLove out ✌